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Digital Marketing Must Haves: Real-Time Customer Engagement & Real-Time Analytics

Posted by Doug Milnor on Feb 10, 2016 9:36:00 AM

Today's consumers are proactive change agents. They're mobile, always available, always online and more than willing to voice their opinions. They're no longer willing to sit back and let companies define what their brand means. Instead, consumers nowadays mold a company's brand in real-time and your digital marketing strategies must be able to respond in kind or you'll lose valuable market share.

The success of your revenue-generating activities begins and ends with your company's ability to anticipate and respond to what your customers are doing right now. Every single digital marketing strategy you employ must incorporate a real-time "read-and-react" doctrine; managing your customer's journey is paramount to winning new business, keeping them engaged and motivating them to buy again and again. After all, if you're not managing that journey, your competitors will.

Customer engagement means reaching customers
no matter where they are or what they're doing.

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Most Spam Messages Originate in the US

Posted by David Carpenter on Feb 9, 2016 11:29:24 AM

About 55 percent of all e-mails sent worldwide are unwanted ad or spam mails, according to security software business Kaspersky. The United States are the biggest source of spam, accounting for 15.2 percent of global spam traffic. Russia was in second place (6.2 percent) with Vietnam and China sharing third place (6.1 percent). The positive outlook being that the proportion of spam in e-mail flows was 55.28%, which was 11.48 percentage points lower than in 2014.

One hot topic for spam mails was an event that hasn’t even taken place yet: The upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil in the summer of 2016. According to Kaspersky “already in 2015 fraudulent notifications of lottery wins dedicated to this popular sporting event were being registered.” Some e-mails came with PDF files attached, informing recipients their address had been selected out of millions of email addresses.

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It's True: Newsletters Can Be Effective Marketing Tools

Posted by Doug Milnor on Feb 8, 2016 4:46:13 PM

E-mail newsletters are so 2009!

Or are they?

In an age where social media is king, it's easy to overlook tried and tested methods in favor of what's cool and sexy.

But trends come and go, whilst e-mail is here to stay. And if you're going to invest in your online marketing, you owe it to your business to use strategies that have stood the test of time and are known to deliver results.

Well, hello to you too!

Here's why e-mail newsletters are still worth the effort.

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Selling SaaS in Today's Digital World Without Going Bankrupt

Posted by David Carpenter on Feb 3, 2016 7:08:37 PM

Unfortunately, many software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers have ignored the service portion of their marketing and sales strategies. Instead of fully understanding a given customer's concerns, and then systematically matching a solution to address and remove those concerns, companies providing SaaS are focusing too much on marketing their product's features. It's an expense they can no longer afford and it needs to change.

SaaS enterprises are first and foremost solution-providers and the solutions they provide are intrinsically tied to resolving customer-specific issues; each customer is different with different concerns, pain points and pressures. Understanding these customer-specific issues has to be the focus of any marketing strategy moving forward. Ultimately, resolving issues comes down to building trust first and selling second and your marketing strategies must clearly convey that message.

Customer-centric marketing and sales builds customer trust.

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Working to Build Leads Online? How Important Are Buyer Personas?

Posted by Doug Milnor on Feb 3, 2016 8:41:39 AM

How do you make sure your digital strategies are generating high quality leads online, while also uncovering the right opportunities with the right prospects? Answering this question involves understanding who your buyer personas are and identifying how best to engage them.

Buyer personas represent the different types of customers you sell to. Marketing once referred to these as customer segments. Unfortunately, these segments only represented a high-level view of a given market. They outlined a specific portion of the market, but didn't do nearly enough to define who the main decision makers were and what motivated them to purchase.

You must come to know each of your buyer personas.

In a world where marketing is dominated by digital strategies, customer buyer personas have taken customer segmentation to a whole new level. Your personas provide that all-important road-map to generating high-quality leads online and they make reaching your target audience more scientific and more repeatable. So, what can you expect once you determine who your buyer personas are?

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Is Twitter an Acquisition Target?

Posted by David Carpenter on Feb 1, 2016 12:35:50 PM

The past few months haven’t exactly been easy for Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey. Ever since he took back the reigns at the company he co-founded in 2006, he has had to let more than 300 employees go, see several top executives leave and witness his company’s stock price crumble to new lows.

Since the day Dorsey was named permanent CEO of the social media company in October 2015, Twitter’s stock price dropped by 40 percent, shaving more than $6.5 billion off the company’s valuation. Twitter’s market cap currently stands at $11.5 billion, down from almost $40 billion at its peak in December 2013.

Twitter’s low valuation has made the company a subject of acquisition rumors. After the News Corporation had dismissed takeover rumors earlier this year, another rumor surrounding Twitter’s possible acquisition by a group of investors surrounding venture capitalist Marc Andreessen surfaced on Monday. Twitter’s stock price is up almost 10 percent in early trading on Monday, as Wall Street appears to like the idea of tech investor Andreessen getting involved.

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Top Benefits of Marketing Automation as an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted by Doug Milnor on Feb 1, 2016 10:56:21 AM

Is your inbound marketing strategy falling short?

Are you getting solid traffic, but it's just not converting?

Or perhaps you're bogged down in routine marketing tasks?

If this sounds like your business, it might be time to try marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

At its most basic, a marketing automation tool is a software solution or web-based service that - you guessed it - automates your marketing processes. It streamlines your marketing and does the repetitive tasks for you.

Tools that schedule your content, sort your customer base into segments and track the results of your marketing campaigns are all forms of marketing automation. They do the legwork for you so you won't have to do it yourself.

Can I take some marketing off your plate?

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10 Ways to Get More Leads Online

Posted by Doug Milnor on Jan 22, 2016 11:38:00 AM

Digital marketing teams are always looking for new ways to generate leads online. However, sometimes it's not about using new strategies but really about adopting long-forgotten strategies, ones that still produce solid returns. This list is but a small example of the approaches you can employ to generate leads online.

1. Content

Your content will generate leads long into the future, if, and only if, you've included colorful images, downloads, videos, tables, infographics, graphs and a unique call-to-action (CTA). Break your content up into manageable pieces. Use bullet points and short paragraphs and don't be afraid to make a bold claim.

A multifaceted digital marketing strategy always wins out.

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Netflix Adds 17 Million Subscribers in 2015: Subscription Revenue Businesses Take Note

Posted by David Carpenter on Jan 20, 2016 10:39:11 AM

Just a few days after Netflix surprised the world with the announcement of its international expansion, the video streaming company had more good news to share. Netflix reported very positive results for the fourth quarter of 2015, beating analysts’ expectations in nearly every respect. Revenue increased by 23 percent compared to last year’s December quarter, bringing the total for 2015 to $6.78 billion. At $306 million, net income for the year came in short of last year’s total, but analysts had expected the decline to be even bigger, given the company’s ongoing investments in original content and international growth. Most importantly though, Netflix added more than 17 million subscribers over the past 12 months and now streams content to almost 75 million people around the world.

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It's a New World With New Marketing Rules: Use Digital Marketing to Attract Attention Online

Posted by Doug Milnor on Jan 15, 2016 9:08:00 AM

Digital marketing professionals know that keeping a watchful eye on each new generation is crucial. This is why younger generations have been such a focus of marketing; win these customers over and you'll have a customer for life. However, all of that has changed with millennials.

Millennials are yet another reason why your marketing strategies have to adapt, react and change with the changing times. However, it's not just about appealing to a younger and somewhat foreign audience. It's really about making sure your digital marketing strategies are optimized to reach today's mobile audiences. Here are some new marketing rules to live by that might just tip the scales in your favor.

Reaching millennials and mobile customers does pay off.

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