Creating Search Marketing Equity®

The highest ROI a business can achieve online typically comes from organic, natural, free search engine traffic. We enable traffic growth in this important area by improving a company's organic market visibility. We have proven programs to increase organic market visibility through performance-built websites, consistent streams of fresh, relevant content (blogging and publishing), as well as specific on-page & off-page SEO.

One of the most important ways to grow Search Marketing Equity today is by optimizing site speed and experience for visitors. Are you interested in learning why fast page speed is so important to SEO?  

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Create Remarkable Content

We help our clients create content that people want to remark about. And that kind of content moves prospects through the stages of the sales funnel.


Elevate Your Rank in Search Engine Results

Relevant content, properly promoted and paired with intelligent SEO strategy and proven tactics elevate your rank in search, which creates market potential for your business.


Build Community

We help brands build community through sharing of valuable content, polls, quizzes & calculators, intriguing articles and interviews, suited for social engagement and publishing.

Building Search Marketing Equity®

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Our Approach

We believe that by focusing on doing the things that it takes to increase Search Marketing Equity® -- namely blogging, creating unique, remarkable content, on-page and off-page SEO, effective use of social media, sharing, RSS and online video -- you can create an asset for your business or organization that will pay dividends for years to come in the form of free, organic search traffic. View the specifics of our approach below:

Without the right kind of quality, relevant inbound links, proper meta data on your site, listings, and directories from credible sources, your website is wearing a virtual sort of invisibility cloak when it comes to organic search results.

Pages and blog posts must be unique and relevant to your intended audience, and you need to commit to publishing new content on a regular basis. People often ask us, how many pages do I need? "More than your closest competitors" is often our first pass answer, as your presence in the indexes of the major search engines can be compared to the size of a billboard on the side of a highway. If you want bigger results, you need a bigger presence than your competition.

Your audience (and are often more than one) must have a way to read and react, leave a comment, pose a question, subscribe to your content or take part in a poll or contest. This is the more sure-fire way of cultivating repeat visitors, increased time on site and engagement, and it leads to our best strategy for organic link building, which follows...

The greatest content in the world is of little value to you (or anyone else) if it remains confined to your site. Great content deserves to be shared. And the best possible sharers are in your target audience, because their sphere of influence is precisely who you want to reach: Their peers, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Seth Godin is famous for many great thoughts and ideas, but my favorite is one I heard when he spoke in Southern California to a group of Social Marketing fans in about 2008. Seth simply said, "Be Remarkable. Create things people want to REMARK about." I love this idea, will never forget it, and as a result, it guides our strategy when it comes to creating content on the web: Create content that is unique, relevant to your intended audience, and remarkable, so that people will want to remark and share your ideas with their world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Recognition

WA Bellevue SEO Agencies for 2020

Expertise.com reviewed 27 SEO Experts serving Bellevue and Picked the Top 15

After a review of local experts, Connection Model, LLC has been identified and published on Expertise.com as one of the Best SEO Experts in the Bellevue, WA area, the closest major city to Issaquah, WA,  home of Connection Model. 

"Connection Model LLC is a digital marketing agency in Issaquah that serves the Bellevue metro area. This agency is focused on measurable efforts that prioritize revenue and lead generation. With inbound marketing as its core service, Connection Model LLC works with clients to devise targeted efforts and optimizes their websites to attract the customers most likely to engage with their business. Its activities are split between on- and off-page SEO methods, which entail strategic changes to content, site infrastructure, and the proliferation of inbound links." 

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