Who Is
Connection Model

Connection Model is a nimble Digital Marketing Agency, focused on helping clients grow revenue, generate qualified leads and acquire profitable new customers through measurable, accountable Inbound Marketing. Specifically the agency delivers results through Performance-Built Websites, Content Marketing fueled by Paid Media and Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Online Video, Loyalty and Lifecycle Marketing programs.

Our Approach to Driving Results from Digital Marketing 

Inbound Marketing

At our core, we focus on Inbound Marketing, which is the opposite of traditional, interruption-based advertising. Drawing in targeted prospects that are already interested in what your business does is a much more effective approach than blindly shouting your advertising message to the masses.

A Bias for Results

VELOCITIES is an acronym for the methodology of achieving results: a high-level game plan (or playbook) for increasing visibility, growing website traffic, expanding social presence, generating inbound links and converting more leads and prospects to clients and customers, driving revenue growth.

David Carpenter,


David and the Connection Model team help businesses grow by acquiring new customers and generating qualified leads. As a nimble, digital marketing agency, Connection Model uses the principles of results-driven digital and inbound marketing to deliver predictable, measurable and accountable revenue growth.

Doug Milnor,


Doug is an accomplished senior leader and Inbound Marketing Strategist with a strong portfolio of successes focused on organizational profitability. He understands the big picture and creatively develops solutions to meet business objectives.