Does Your Website Need A Concierge?

Many people are not yet convinced that leadbots have the power to transform the customer experience. The big question is whether leadbots are just another fad technology that will soon pass or a true disruption with the potential to drive qualified leads for your business.

Here are five reasons Leadbots are disruptors that will help your business thrive:

Leadbots can save you money

Imagine having one employee in charge of interacting with every single person who ever visits your website regardless of the time, language and the number of people using your site simultaneously. Now think about what that person’s paycheck would look like… Luckily Leadbots and Chatbots like Drift can replace that person so they can have regular hours instead of being a superhuman who doesn’t need sleep.

The company’s main focus with leadbots will be to provide playbooks for common questions and important pages on their websites so their chatbot can help potential customers get their questions answered and complete tasks quickly. This means that on-demand information will be available 24/7 and the company’s ’ services will be 1-click away at all times.


Leadbots are easy to use

You don't have to be a website wizard to use a leadbot. They have been designed so that anyone, regardless of age or familiarity with technology, can get immediate value by having a chatbot solve problems or answer questions for you quickly and

easily through a conversation. This saves your customers from the dreaded hold music and creates a positive interaction with your brand. This can lead to a positive review of your company or even new business.

A truly personalized experience

Chatbots’ ability to understanding users’ intent and its ability to use context means we can now create much more meaningful and personalized experiences. For a chatbot, it’s really easy to segment their audience and give different users different experiences based on their questions and who they are.

Every time someone interacts with a bot and starts chatting, the business knows the user identity and can ask them to opt into a certain call to actions. For example, newsletter signups, scheduling a meeting or a demo request. This also allows the chatbot to collect user data to qualify this person as a lead and have a more tailored conversation with your customer since it would be able to personalize each new interaction.

Man On Computer working on leadbot

Re-engage With Users In A Relevant Way

As you collect more information in your leadbot about your customers, it’s possible to use that information to re-engage with users and build a stronger relationship that will lead to in-chat orders. Brands are able to send relevant messages in a personalized way at the right time by continuing conversations with customers and provide them with more information on products or services they showed interest in.

Handoff To A Real Person Seamlessly

Leadbots alone will not solve each and every problem a customer may have. Your playbook for the chatbot can only cover so many topics, and when a question or need arises that is not in the bot’s current playbook,  you need to have a button in the conversation connecting the customer to a real person to continue the positive user experience. For example, imagine someone asking if they left something at the hotel they just stayed at, the chatbot would have no way of being able to answer that question, so it would connect this customer to a real person who can go and check the lost and found at the hotel. Thus continuing the positive customer experience.


Traditional Way Of Marketing


Unassisted Navigation

Unassisted Navigation

You're responsible for trying to find the information you want. There's no one there to guide you or answer a simple question.




You have to fill out every line in a form — even if it doesn't relate to what you need




Contact Us emails may or may not be answered today (or tomorrow, or this week, this month…) They may not even get delivered — you really can't be sure




You are an entry in a database. Your value and therefore your priority to get a response could be determined by check boxes and faceless lead scoring.


Qualified Lead

Qualified Lead

IF you got enough check boxes, and if you score high enough, you may be bombarded by emails and calls (typically at the most inconvenient time!)

Conversational Marketing




A HUMAN like conversation interaction allows you to get all the information you need in an instant.




You are qualified NOW! NO waiting. In real time you are qualified as a potential customer or client and given all the information you need to take the next step.


Chat With People On Your Website

Your prospects and customers want help in real-time, and now it's easy to give them the answers they need. You can help people out just like you'd message a friend. So now you can talk to your leads and customers in real-time, wherever you are.

Drift Clients Are Seeing Great
Success Using LeadBots


Increase in conversion rate


in pipeline generated


Increase in website engagement


in closed-won revenue


decrease in sales cycle


more demos

Certified Partnership

Connection Model is a Drift Certified Partner. This means that we can help your company to build out playbooks that will help you generate more leads in less time for your sales team. Contact us to learn how we can build you a conversational marketing platform that streamlines your lead generation process today.