Which Web Browsers are most popular?

This is a common question clients ask, and it stems from the desire to make sure each website visitor has a positive, engaging experience.

Here's market data from StatCounter as to which browsers are most in use as of February, 2012. 

browser 2012 StatCounter

Browser Trends

Equally important is to examine where the web browser market is headed. COnsider this graph from StatCounter, comparing Web Browser Market Share from January 2011 to January 2012.

browser market share 2011 2012


It's also important to take into consideration the version of the browser most in use, as this data shows.

The top five browser versions web designers and developers need to design and account for are (as of February 2012):

  1. Internet Explorer 8.0
  2. Chrome 16.0
  3. Internet Explorer 9.0
  4. Firefox 9.0
  5. Safari 5.1 

browser version 2012 StatCounter