Four Assessments available at no charge to qualified businesses

Website & Social Media Assessment - for businesses that need to generate leads or acquire new customers.

This 16-20 page report is custom built based on what the team finds from your website and related social properties (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  It provides actionable business intelligence on how to improve your website's visibility, build trust and grow traffic, and also includes a one-page analysis of what your website looks like to mobile visitors (and specific steps you can take to help improve in this critical area).

website assessment

website visibility assessment

Paid Search Assessment - for businesses that use Paid Search (Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc.).

This 8-10 page report looks for ways to improve the profitability and reduce the waste of any paid search spend in the following areas: wasted spend, quality score, impression share, click through rate (CTR), text ad optimization and more. The report is free of charge, and all we need is your Google AdWords account # (and then confirmation that we're allowed to access your account on a read-only basis). 

paid search assessment

paid search assessment

Local Search / Visibility Assessment - for businesses that maintain a physical presence for customers (i.e. Retail, Professional Services, etc.).

This simple to read report shows the visibility of your location(s) and shows specific sites that could/should be providing consumers with information about your company (including your URL — a valuable source of quality inbound links). 

Local Visibility Assessment


local seo visibility assessment

Website Speed Assessment - for companies that operate a high volume or e-commerce website.

Nearly 50% of consumers expect a website to load in two seconds or less. If you're dependent on your site to generate revenue, every second above this could be costing you $$$. Find out how speed-optimized your site is with this complimentary Website Speed Assessment.

website speed assessment

website speed assessment