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Roles of the Super Power Marketing Team

Posted by Doug Milnor on Jan 16, 2013 3:29:00 PM

Have you ever noticed that great sports teams are made up of players who perform their roles really well and understand their strengths & weaknesses?  In basketball, it wouldn't make sense for a coach to ask their 7 foot Center to dribble the ball up the court every time, right?  No, you'd prefer your quick and agile Point Guard to do the task of dribbling so they could get the ball into the hands of the Center under the basket.  Turn and shoot - score!  It's a well oiled machine when all roles work together playing to their strengths. Marketing Super Power Connection Model

Your marketing team is no different.  As your organization continues to build and develop Digital Marketing Equityâ„¢ with Connection Model, consider identifying what your team's strengths and passions are (and where you might need to make adjustments).  HubSpot shows in their awesome Infographic, "Discover YOUR Marketing Super Powers", a decision tree to help identify what your interests are and where your strengths lie so your marketing team can perform to it's fullest potential.  Each of the roles are critical to success.  

Do your skills and passion relate to writing, publishing, analyzing or optimizing?  Find out by following the Infographic below!


What Is Your Marketing Super Power

Your Marketing Super Power

Have we missed a role that's critical to your organization? Let us know.

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