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Wikipedia Study reminds us of strong SEO fundamentals

Posted by David Carpenter on Mar 13, 2012 7:41:00 AM

Econsultancy published an interesting look at the results of a study conducted by Intelligent Positioning that examined why Wikipedia commands such powerful search marketing equity and, as a result, has such a dominant position on page one of Google for just about every search term.

I love the summary that Econsultancy pulled together as to WHY Wikipedia dominates Google results across so many competitive keyphrases:

  1. Unique and in-depth content
  2. Targeted webpages for key terms
  3. Very strong domain authority
  4. Great internal linking structure
  5. Excellent page authority
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After reviewing the list, I'd like to offer up a few more:

6. Trust and credibility

7. High text-to-HTML ratio (similar to #1 above); the site relies on content, not flash, images or flashing GIFs to carry its message

8. Fresh content: There is a consistent new publishing going on each day, each hour, each minute easy

9. Lack of banner advertising; Wikipedia has resisted the lure of easy ad money in favor of maintaining an editorial leadership position

Talk Back

Please have a read of both the Econsutlancy review and the original study, if you'd like, and tell us what you think.

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